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Document Collaboration in Onedrive


A Word document may be edited concurrently with another person editing the same document. The other person's adjustments will be visible to you immediately as they are being made. Here is
referred to as simultaneous cooperation.
Keep in mind that using Microsoft Word online while collaborating simultaneously is recommended. The other users of the document won't be able to immediately see changes made by someone using Word's desktop version. Only every five seconds or so does the desktop version of Word save changes.

1. Log into your OneDrive account in a web browser.
2. Click on the Library Photos directory.
3. Click New in the Toolbar, then select Word document.
4. Let's assign a file name to the document.
a. Click "Document1 - Saved to OneDrive" in the top left corner of the screen.
b. In the File Name field, type "Family Party."
c. Click Enter
At the top of the document, type your name and hit Enter.
the toolbar's "Bullets" button This button has two parts, as you can see. To use the button, press the left half.
8. Enter the names of three different food groups.
9. We will now give our partner access to this document.
a. Press the upper-right Share button.
b. Enter your partner's email address after entering your own.
c. Press Send.
10. The partner will now open the document.
1. Log into OneDrive using a web browser.
b. On the left, select "Shared."
c. To open the file, click on it.
Take note of the coloured circle next to the Share button in the upper right. This shows that the document is open and being used by someone else.
Notice the coloured cursor in 12. This displays the location of your partner's cursor.
13. Each partner adds and removes their own items.
14. Take note of how you can watch changes take place in real time.
15. You can also open this file in Microsoft Word for desktop. Once more, concurrent editing is not recommended for the Desktop version. On the other hand, it offers more features than the online version. Therefore, if you need to use those features, you might need to open the document in the Desktop version.
a. Select Editing from the menu.
Click "Open in Desktop App" 
Two messages will appear on the screen.
i. Your browser's first message informs you that the website you're on wants to launch the desktop version of Microsoft Word. If you decide not to
You can select the "Always allow..." checkbox if you want to see this message again in the future.
ii. Word Online is the source of the second message. It is telling you that it has told your computer to open the file in the desktop version, and that once it has finished, you can close the browser tab.
iii. In the first message, select the "Open Word" button.
16. Take note of the shaded circle in the top-right corner. This is letting you know that the document is open for someone else.
The "AutoSave" button is located in the top-left corner. As you type, Word will save any changes you make. Only documents kept in OneDrive can have AutoSave turned on.
18. On the File tab, click. Take note of how [File > Save a Copy] has taken the place of the "Save As" option.
This is due to the file's location in OneDrive. The version history of the original file is not preserved when you save a copy of it.
19. Modify the document as necessary. Take note of how you don't notice your partner's changes right away. The simultaneous editing capabilities of Word Desktop are inferior to Word Online.
Posted in One Note on January 23 2023 at 06:11 PM

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