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How to Understand the Screen in OneNote


This lesson will assist you in becoming more familiar with the OneNote programme interface because there is a lot going on there. Review the items in the photos below that are labelled, then use the tables to see what each item does.
title bar: The current file's name is shown.

quick access toolbar: provides quick access to the most frequently used functionalities.

 help and display Options: are available here. You can also choose to minimise, maximise, or restore the screen or to completely close Excel.
Microsoft Account User Information: Your name and photo are displayed here when you check in using your Microsoft account.
The Ribbon: All the options you need to compose, format, and arrange your notes are located. OneNote has it folded by default; simply click a tab to expand it and view the choices.
Notebook Sections: A tab divides each subject into its own section. To get to a different section, click a tab.

 Active Notebook: The name of the currently open Notebook can be seen here.
Notebook Pages: Each page in a section is listed at the right. Click a page to view its content.
Search Bar: You can use this to look for certain words or phrases on a page, section, notebook, or across all open notebooks.
Posted in One Note on January 27 2023 at 03:19 PM

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