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How to Change Views in OneNote


By default, Filmstrip view is used to view and edit presentations. The timeline of the presentation is displayed as thumbnails in the left column, and you can edit the currently selected slide in the window's main body.
Activate Grid View.

It might be simpler to view all of your slides in Grid view if you have a lot of slides to keep organised.
Step1: Using the menu bar, select View.
Step2: Choose Grid view.
The view changes, and the edited state of the selected slide is gone. Instead, a grid of thumbnails for each presentation slide is displayed.

Grid View Slide Reorganization. 

You have more space to work with when rearranging slides while in grid view.
Step1: Slides can be moved by clicking and dragging them.
Slides are rearranged in order.

Going Back to Filmstrip View.

You must switch back to Filmstrip view in order to edit a slide's contents in Grid view because slide thumbnails fill the entire screen in that view. If you want to edit a specific slide, you can quickly switch to editing that slide rather than returning to Filmstrip view the same way you left Grid view.
Step1: Click on a slide twice.
You go back to Filmstrip view and the slide.
Posted in One Note on January 27 2023 at 03:29 PM

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