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How to Search Notes in OneNote


Search Notes.

Finding a specific note that you put somewhere can be a challenge! Fortunately, OneNote has some pretty strong search features to assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for.

Step1: Enter your search terms in the Search field by clicking there.
OneNote automatically begins searching through all currently open notebooks and displays which notebook and section a match is found in.
Step2:In the search list, click the arrow.
Then you can conduct a location-specific search.
Step3:Choose a search method.
Step4:Choose a search outcome.
You quickly navigate to the term's location, which is highlighted in this area. If you write clearly enough, OneNote can even find results in handwritten notes and images.
Step5:On the page, click Find.
 shortcut:Ctrl + F.
This is beneficial when a word appears on a page more than once.
Step6:Select a search icon.
Step7:Select "Clear Search" from the menu.
And the investigation is over.
Posted in One Note on January 27 2023 at 03:38 PM

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