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How to Open and Create Notebooks in OneNote


In Windows, you can double-click a notebook's icon to open it, but you can also browse and open files directly from OneNote.
Open a current notebook.

Step1: On the File tab, click.
Step2:Choose Open.
Step3:Choose a place to save.
Step4:Choose the folder where you saved the notebook.
Step5:Obtain a folder for a notebook.
Step6:choosing Open Notebook.
You can now begin entering notes into the notebook after it has opened.

Establish a New Notebook.

Make a new saved notebook if you do not already have one to work in.
Step1:On the File tab, click.
Step2:Select New.
The location of the new notebook's save must now be specified. By default, OneDrive is used.
Step3:Choose a place to save.
Step4:In the Notebook Name field, click.
Step5:Give your notebook a name.
Step6:To create a new folder, click a different folder.
Tip: To save in the default location, simply click Create Notebook.
Step7:Press Create.
Any modifications are automatically saved in the location you specified and the new notebook is created.
Posted in One Note on January 27 2023 at 03:58 PM

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