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How to Add Section Groups in OneNote


To further organise sections in OneNote, use section groups. They enable you to combine several related sections.
Section Group Added.
Step1: In the empty space next to the active sections, use the right-click menu.
Step2: Click on New Section Group.
You can just start typing its name to name the group once it appears over on the right.
Step3: Enter a group name here.

Add a Section Group.

Step1: Drag a section tab over the section group by clicking on it.
Step2: On the section group, click.
Because the name of the section group appears to the left of the section tabs, beneath the notebook name, you can tell that you are in that group.
Step3: Select the button that says "Navigate to the parent section group."
Delete a Section Group.
You can delete the section group if you decide you no longer need your tabs organised into a separate section.
Step1: Find the section group by navigating.
Step2: To keep any sections, right-click them.
Step3:Choosing Move or Copy.
Step4:Pick a location for the section to go.
Step5:To move or copy, click.
It can be deleted once everything that is still required has been removed from the section group.

Step6:Right-click the section group.
Step7:Choose Delete.
Step8:Select Yes.
Delete the section group.
Posted in One Note on January 27 2023 at 04:37 PM

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