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How to Use the Recycle Bin in OneNote


Pages or sections deleted from a notebook are placed in the recycle bin.
Move Items to the Recycle Bin,
Step1: Double-click a page.
Step2: Press Delete.
Step3: Right-click on a section.
Step4: Choose Delete.
Step5: Select Yes.

 Restore an Object.

After a few items have been deleted, go to the recycle container.
Step1: On the History tab, click.
Step2: Select the Recycle Bin for Notebooks button.

It is easiest to keep the notebook pane open when restoring items from the recycle bin.
Step3: Select the arrow for the current notebook list.
Step4: The Pin Notebook Pane to Side button should be clicked.
Step5: enlarge the sections of a notebook.

No matter which notebook a page was deleted from, it will always appear in the Deleted Pages section.
Step6: Drag a page to an available section by clicking it.
Step7: Drag a section to an open notebook by clicking on it.
Step8: To navigate to the parent section, click Click or click a section.
Posted in One Note on January 27 2023 at 06:32 PM

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