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How to Type Notes in OneNote



Everyone takes notes, but many people are ill-equipped to do so effectively. Although notes give you a written record of the information you want to remember, their usefulness depends on how well you can summarise, arrange, and interpret the information.
Regardless of the note-taking app you choose, your main goal should be to become familiar with all of its features and utilise them to your advantage while taking notes. To help you use OneNote more effectively, we'll go over some note-taking tricks. It's time to start adding notes to your notebook once you've added a few pages and sections.
Type  Notes

Decide which page you want to add notes to.
On any part of the page, click.
Type your notes.
A box surrounds the text as soon as you begin typing it in a note.

Move Notes
A note box's top bar can be moved by clicking and dragging it.

Sort and Resize the Notes
Your notes can also be resized and reordered as necessary.
Drag up or down by clicking the arrow next to a line of text.
To change the size of a note, click and drag its edge.

Delete Notes
If a note is no longer necessary, you can delete it.
Choose a note.
Press Delete.
On your keyboard, you can also press the Delete key.
The memo is removed.
We advise you to give any note-taking app a reasonable amount of time before switching to another one. The aforementioned advice, when properly put into practise, can greatly increase your note-taking output.
Posted in One Note on January 28 2023 at 07:10 AM

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