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How to Write Equations in OneNote


In math-based classes, using a computer to take notes can be challenging due to the difficulties with typing equations. OneNote by Microsoft includes a built-in tool for writing equations, but many of its features can only be accessed by using keyboard shortcuts that are hardly ever documented. This is how I would use the equation editor:
  • Wherever you want to insert an equation in the note, click.
  • On the Draw tab, click.
  • Convert group should be expanded.
  • Select Math to Ink.

Write Equations
  • As soon as the cursor enters writing mode, you can begin entering the equation.
  • Write an equation down.
  • OneNote automatically types out your numbers and symbols as you write them.
Fix Errors
  • As you write, you will discover that the type conversion is not always accurate.
  • Select "Erase" from the menu.
  • Click any mistakes.
  • Select "Write" from the menu.
  • the letter or number again.
  • Press Insert.
  • It looks much better than if you had attempted to type the formula because it has been added to the page.
Posted in One Note on January 29 2023 at 08:04 PM

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