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How to Edit Written Notes in OneNote


You may decide to make changes after you've made some notes with the pen tool.
Delete Writing

Select the Draw option.
If you need to select something very specific, you can use the Lasso Select tool to draw a selection circle around it. However, when selecting a word or an entire line, it's best to keep the Type tool selected.
(Optional) Choose an editing tool.
To remove an item, simply click it.
To delete it, press the Delete key.

Edit Writing 

To edit an item, click on it.
A toolbar appears when an item is selected.
Click the Pen Properties button.
Change the width and/or colour.
Select OK.
Erase Writing
Select the Eraser tool.
The eraser by default deletes entire pen strokes.Select a written object by clicking it.
Select a different eraser to remove only a portion of a line.Select the Eraser list by clicking the arrow.
Choose an eraser.
To remove an area, click and drag it.
Put a Blank Space Here

Incorporate the Edit group.
Insert Space by clicking.
On the screen, a grey line and an arrow appear.

Click the area you want to expand, then drag downward or upward.
Writing to Text Conversion

Ink to Text is a final tool that is extremely helpful for working with written text.
Select the Type or Lasso tool by clicking.
Choose the writing that you want to type.
Convert group should be expanded.
For Ink to Text, click.
Even the pen colour is carried over when the writing is converted to type.
Posted in One Note on January 30 2023 at 05:10 PM

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