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How to Use Quick Notes In OneNote



You may occasionally come across a nugget of knowledge that you'll need but aren't sure where to put it just yet. Use brief notes in that situation.
Make a Quick Note

In the Windows System Tray, click the Send to OneNote icon.
A menu with a few choices appears. You can open OneNote, make a new quick note, or save a screen capture in OneNote.
choose Add quick note.
Select Close from the menu.
The note is saved even though it seems like nothing has happened.

Open a Quick Note

Open OneNote in a new window.
It's best to pin the Notebook pane when using quick notes.
Click the name of the open notebook.
The Pin Notebook Pane to Side button should be clicked.
Within the Notebooks pane, select Quick Notes.
Additionally, they are all listed to the right here.
Pick a brief note.

Move A Quick Note 
Although you could move it by clicking the page tab to the right and dragging it into a section, you wouldn't have any control over which page to put it on.
Pick a brief note.
On the Home tab, select the Cut button.
Choose the section where the note should be placed.
Choose the page on which the note should appear.
Wherever you want the note to appear, click.
select "Paste"
Delete a Quick Note

Tap Quick Notes.
To select the entire contents of a quick note, click the tab twice.
On the Home tab, click the Delete button.
Posted in One Note on January 30 2023 at 05:24 PM

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