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How to Insert Screen Clippings in OneNote


A screen clipping can be used to copy content from another open programme on your computer. Let's examine the process.
OneNote's screen capture feature

On the Insert tab, click.
Press Screen Clipping.
The open window is visible behind the minimized OneNote window. Additionally, take note of the crosshair-shaped cursor.
Over an area of the screen, click and drag.
OneNote re-fills the screen when you let go of the mouse, and your clipping is now included on the active page.
Edit the clip as necessary.
Any screen captures you make are displayed in a box and have the same moving and resizing options as other notes.
Capture Screen Clipping in Windows

You don't have to return to OneNote when you notice something on the screen that you want to clip while using another Windows programme.
Locate the area of the screen that you want to capture.
In the Windows System Tray, click the Show hidden icons icon.
Right-click the icon for Send to OneNote.
Select Take a screenshot.
Over an area of the screen, click and drag.
This time, a dialogue box opens when the mouse is released.
Expand a notebook.
Extend a paragraph.
Choose the page on which you want the clipping to appear.
send to a particular location.
Go to the Taskbar and select the OneNote button.
Posted in One Note on January 30 2023 at 05:29 PM

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