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How to Link Content in OneNote



OneNote links are a fantastic way to add more information without overcrowding the pages with text and images. Let's look at a few different approaches to link building.
Add link to Content in OneNote
Go to the place you want to link to by navigation.
To link to a text, right-click on it.
the option to Copy Link to Paragraph
Go to the location where the link should be created.
Wherever you want the link to appear, click.
On the Home tab, select the Paste button.
The page now includes the link.
To make sure the link works, click it.
Link to External Locations from Content

Find the location where you want to include a link.
Pick a spot on the page by clicking.
On the Insert tab, click.
Select the Link icon.
To create an internal link, a link to a file, or a link to a website, use the dialogue box.
Find the website that you want to link to.
Copies the link.
Open OneNote in a new window.
Right-click in the Address field to select.
select "Paste"
Select OK.
Change a Link
You can easily change a link's location even after you've added it.

Click the right mouse button on a link
Edit Link

Refresh the link as necessary.
Select OK.
Posted in One Note on January 30 2023 at 05:42 PM

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