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How to Insert Images in OneNote



Insert Image in OneNote
On the Insert tab, click.
Click or view pictures online.
Click the Pictures button if you already have one saved on your computer. Utilize the collection of images in the Microsoft Online Pictures collection if you don't already have one.
Find a picture to insert.
Click the Open button.
The image has been added to the page.

Configure a background image
A picture can be added to the page, but it can also serve as the page background.
Add an image.
To remove it from the note frame, click and drag.
Click the image with your right mouse button.
choosing Set Image as Background
Your notes will now flow on top of the image as it is sent to the background.
Insert a Video

You can include videos in your notes in addition to images. However, they function somewhat differently from images. They must be included as a file attachment.

On the Insert tab, select File Attachment.
Find a video you can insert.
Press Insert.
To start the video, double-click on the icon.
Posted in One Note on January 30 2023 at 05:48 PM

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