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How to Record Content in OneNote


 Record Content

Use an audio or video recording to catch everything the speaker says if you have to attend a presentation.
Choose a page on which to embed the recording.
On the Insert tab, click.
You can record video into OneNote, but first you must confirm that your video device is set up properly with your computer. In your OneNote environment, you can experiment with that.
Decide whether to record audio or video.
You can see that you are currently recording when a tab appears on the ribbon.

Click the recording icon below.
Own the notes you write.
Your notes will be time-coded. An arrow indicates the point in the recording when each was taken when it is played back.
Using the ribbon, select Stop.
To listen to the recording, click Play.
 To find a specific piece of audio or video, you can use the other controls in the Playback group
Posted in One Note on January 30 2023 at 05:53 PM

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