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How to Add Tables in OneNote



How To Insert A Table
On the Insert tab, click.
On the Table button, click.
Simply choose the desired number of columns and rows using the grid.
Choose the number of columns and rows.
Type the table's content by clicking in a cell in the table.

Add Columns and Rows
Let's look at some ways to modify the table now that it has data in it.

On the Layout tab, click.
Choose a choice from the Select group.
Choose a choice from the Insert group.

Rows and Columns to Delete

You can delete any cells you decide are no longer necessary.
To remove a row or column, click on it.
Choose a choice from the Delete group.
Shade the Table
Choose a row to change.
Select Shading from the menu.
Pick a shade of colour.
Table Content Align
Choose the cells that you want to line up.
Choose a choice from the Alignment group.
Sort a Table
To sort a column, click on it.
select Sort from the menu.
Choose a sorting option.
Your notes are organised into a gorgeous table in just a few easy steps.
Posted in One Note on January 30 2023 at 05:57 PM

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