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How to Create Custom Templates in OneNote



You can make your own templates using the text and formatting options you want to reuse in addition to the ones that come with OneNote.
Save a Custom Template

Make the desired text and formatting on a notebook page.
On the Insert tab, click.
Click the list's arrow for Page Templates.
Page Templates, then.
Save a Special Template
Select create a template of the current page.
The template's name should be typed.
You can choose to have this serve as the default page whenever a new page is created in the section in the dialogue box.
Press Save.
Utilize a Custom Template
To expand My Templates, click the arrow.
Choose the unique template.
Snap the Templates pane closed.
When necessary, add content to the template.
Time-saving tools include templates.
Posted in One Note on January 31 2023 at 09:07 PM

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