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How to Add Files in OneNote


You can add a file as an attachment or a printout if you need quick access to a file from a notebook.

Attach a file

Navigate to the Insert tab.
Select File Attachment from the menu.
Choose a file to attach.
Insert is selected.
A small icon has been added to the current page.
Double-click the attached file.
The warning informs you that the attachment may cause damage to your computer.
Select OK.
When you're finished with it, save it.

Printout of a File

Another method for gaining access to external data is to save it as a file printout. It functions similarly to the Send to OneNote feature, but it is accessed from within OneNote.
Choose a page to which you want to add a printout.
On the Insert tab, click the File Printout button.
Choose a file to insert.
Insert is selected.
There is a small icon and the file name at the top.

Click the file icon twice.
A warning message appears once more.
(Optional) Check the box next to Don't show me this again.
Select OK.
When you're finished with it, save it.
Posted in One Note on February 02 2023 at 10:26 AM

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