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How to Add Outlook Meeting Details in OneNote


You can enter the meeting information if you plan to take notes during a meeting that has been scheduled in Outlook so that you will be aware of the time, place, and attendees.

Add Details

The meeting information will appear where you click.
On the Home tab, select Meeting Details.
The meetings for today are listed here.
Select To select a meeting on a different day, select a meeting from another day.
On the calendars icon, click.
Choose a date.
Click Insert Details after selecting the meeting.
All of the meeting information is brought into OneNote, though it might take a moment.
Without having to retype everything, you can quickly get all the information you require.

Update Details

Select a link for an Outlook Meeting.
Give a meeting update.
Hit "Send Update."
You come back to OneNote after the message window closes. You might have noticed that not all of the meeting's specifics updated.

Select "Meeting Details" from the menu.
For this page's meeting details, select Refresh.
The agenda has been updated.
The meeting notes can also be used to keep track of attendees.
Select the checkbox next to a person's name.
The checkmark indicates that they attended the meeting.
Posted in One Note on February 02 2023 at 10:45 AM

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