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How to Send Notes with Outlook from OneNote


You can send your notes to someone else via email if you need to. Let's look at the process for sending them in the message body first.

Send Email

Choose the page you want to send.
Go to the Home tab and select Email Page.
A new email opens with just one click, and your notes are already in the body. If you know someone doesn't have OneNote, this is the best way to send them notes.
Fill out the To field with a recipient.
Select Send.
You go back to OneNote after sending your notes.

Send as Attachment 

Now, it's probably a good idea to send your notes as an attachment if you're sending them to someone you know has OneNote so they can open and edit them.
On the File tab, click.
Select Send.
Choose to Send as an Attachment.
Fill out the To field with a recipient.
You'll notice that there are a few attachments this time. The first is a OneNote file, and the second is a file that can be viewed on a website, as stated in the message body.
Click the.mht attachment twice.
Click the Open button.
The notes are displayed in a browser window, but there isn't much you can do with them other than view them.
Snap the window shut.
(Optional) Add a message to an email.
Select Send.
The journal entry is forwarded via email.
Posted in One Note on February 02 2023 at 11:00 AM

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