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How to Create Shared Notebooks in OneNote


You must share your notebook on OneDrive if you want to allow others to use it for collaboration.

New Shared Notebook Creation

On the File tab, click.
Select New.
Choose OneDrive.
In the Notebook Name field, enter a name.
Select Create Notebook.
The notebook will prompt you to invite people right away after syncing to OneDrive.
Select "Not Now."
You've finished setting up the new notebook, and you can now begin entering notes.

Share An Existing Notebook

You can now share a notebook that you have already created if you want to.
Enter the location of the shared notebook.
On the File tab, click.
Tap Share.
Make sure OneDrive is chosen, and if necessary, change the notebook name.
Move Notebook by clicking.
OneNote syncs the changes to OneDrive even if it takes a brief period of time.
Select OK.
You've moved the notebook to OneDrive and are now prepared to begin sharing it with others.
Posted in One Note on February 02 2023 at 11:35 AM

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