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How to Share Content in OneNote


Invite People

On the File tab, click.
Tap Share.
You can choose from a few different sharing options because the notebook is already shared. With the first choice, you can send an email directly from OneNote.
Select the icon for the address book.
Choose a contact.
Select To in the menu.
Select OK.

You have the option of allowing others to view only or edit the notebook.

Choose an option by clicking the arrow next to Can edit list.
(Optional) Add a few notebook-related notes.
Tap Share.
A link to the notebook's OneDrive storage location is included in an email sent to.

Share A Link

You can generate a link to the notebook that can be shared with others to view or edit it from the Share section of Backstage view.
Get a Sharing Link by clicking.
Depending on the kind of link you want to create, click Create Link next to View Link or Edit Link.
Right-click the link.
Open an email message and choose Copy.
Wherever you want the link to go, click it.
select "Paste"
Select Send.
Posted in One Note on February 02 2023 at 11:58 AM

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