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How to Use Password Protection in OneNote


Add a password to one or all of the sections of your notebook if you need to make it more secure.

Insert a Password

On the Review tab, click.
Select "Password" from the menu.
To set a password, click.
Enter your password.
Retype the password and click in the Confirm Password field.
Select OK.
There are backup copies of the notebook that are not protected, the dialogue box informs you.

Pick a fallback choice.
Account Options
You have the option to lock all the sections now that a password has been established if you don't want anything to be seen.
(Optional) Press Lock All.
Float your cursor over the down arrow at the bottom of the window.
Then select Password Options.
When the OneNote Options dialogue box opens, some password settings are visible. As you can see, by default, a section is left unlocked for ten minutes after you finish working in it.
Change the password choices.
Select OK.
The Password Protection pane should be closed.

Unlock a Section

Discreetly move to another section.
Navigate to the secured area.
You can't see the notes because you're locked out.

On the notebook page, click.
After providing a password, click OK.
You can now edit the notes once more because the section has been unlocked.

Remove A Password

You can now remove the password from a section if you no longer require it to be protected.
Select the Review tab and click the Password button.
Then click Password Remove.
If necessary, you can modify the password right here.
After providing the password, click OK.
The section no longer contains the password.
Posted in One Note on February 02 2023 at 12:32 PM

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